Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Deadpool is a Disney Princess

See? Disney Princess. Sort of.
So Brian and I were having an awesome conversation the other night about Disney characters. We were talking about the fact that Olaf's song in Frozen completely takes the characters out of the story and breaks the fourth wall just a little bit. You know the part, where Christoff and Anna are sitting on the picnic blanket and staring around them with the "WTF is going on" look on their faces. You know, it's funny when they start becoming self aware. As we continued along Brian asked me if I could name any Disney characters that would completely break the fourth wall.

Megan: Deadpool.

Brian: Deadpool isn't Disney.

Megan: Yes he is! He's Marvel, and Disney owns Marvel. So that makes Deadpool my favorite Disney Princess.

Brian: Meg, Disney doesn't own Deadpool. Fox does.

Megan: Noooo!! That's just not fair. They don't love him like I do!

Brian: You haven't even read the comics. How do you love him most?

Megan: Because tacos. We're obviously soulmates. And I refuse to believe that he isn't a Disney princess. Don't ruin this for me!
Deadpool is a fangirl too.


Brian:....Whatever. I love you. But you're crazy.

Megan: Bang. Bang, bang!

He might have a point. But I'll never tell him that. And I don't have to have read all the comics, I just have to like and want to learn more. And here's a really well put together argument for that:


Go have a look. It's awesome.

And my Deadpool board on pinterest.

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