Thursday, June 5, 2014

Other people's things

I'm going to rant here for a couple minutes. I HATE it when other people bring their dogs for a walk and let them pee and poo all over other people's yards. Poo is fine if you pick it up, and if you use a little bit of discretion with the peeing, we can still be friends.

Example of Bad:

You know, anywhere that looks like people are actually growing something. Especially keep them out of planter beds. If there's a raised bed, don't be a jerk. Even if you don't think it's a big deal, you may not know what a plant is for. In my case, dogs keep peeing in my lemon balm. So now I'm going to have to move it. And wash it with soap. Lots of soap.

Additionally, if there's a rosebush, don't let your dog pee on it! It's gonna freaking kill them. We finally put some rosebushes in next to the road (to try and remind people not to drive through our yard. Seriously people, have a little respect. We have kids that play out in our yard. I finally have flowers on them (the roses, not the kids), and they are gorgeous! And they smell divine. Which is saying a lot, because I'm not usually much of a fan of flowers, and most roses don't actually smell very good.

If you can't tell, I'm super mad about the whole other people's dogs thing.

Places that are fine for dog pee:

Your own yard. Let 'em go wherever they like. I don't give two cents about where they pee at home. I kinda want to make a sign that says: "Not your yard? Not your dog's bathroom!" Though thinking about it, there was a couple who lived down the street when I was a kid who had a sign that said: "Here lies Dog, cold and hard, the last damn dog, who shit in my yard." That made me smile every time that I went past it. Good times. No idea if it actually worked or not.

The median. Yup, there's this great median in the middle of our street. It has trees and grass and everything. Plenty of room there for you and your dog. Our neighbor takes her dogs there religiously. For which I am very thankful. I'm sure that the neighborhood peeps (we live in a mobile home community, a nice one) will thank you for cleaning up the poo. But we've already established that you need to clean up after the poo.

Any variety of traffic signs. We have both a stop sign and a slow children playing sign in our yard. Just lucky like that, living on the corner. I honestly have no problem with your dog using either one of them. Because it's not something that you can kill. And it isn't technically mine. And my kids really don't play on them or lick them. *Shudder*.

And the reason for my grouching? Somebody was walking their dog last night as I gardened and I had to ask them not to use my garden bed as a dog bathroom. I had my angry eyes on. It wouldn't have warranted a rant had not a dog been found this morning in my yard running around leashless. And the stupid pooch came up for loves instead of going home like I told it to. It's owner came looking and apologized though, so we were good.
This guy is way nicer looking than the ones in my garden.

I then continued weeding my garden bed. Soothing and therapeutic. Until you come upon two daddy long legs making the 16 legged beast. Of course, there's no one to complain to in order to fix that atrocity....Spider sex. *Shudder.*


  1. Agreed! I hate it both for the ruining of the yard and the people staring at MY dog like she's going to be allowed to do the same thing! They really make things worse for other dog owners, too. Grahr. Exhibitionist spiders.

  2. I completely agree with your rant, although, I do tend to understand spiders making love in your rose garden. After all, they thought you made it pretty, just so they could find a lovely lover's lane! (Hee, hee!) I always hated it when my neighbors let their dogs go potty in our yard, particularly poop, & not picking it up! We had that problem in our subdivision & HOA in Idaho, and with tiny yards, it is a MUCH bigger deal, than areas with half an acre or more. As you know, I LOVE dogs, & they love me, but I expect dog owners to be responsible for their animals, or they don't deserve to enjoy the animal's companionship! As for where the dogs pee, you may want to consider getting or making a fake fire hydrant (seriously) near the area they are peeing. Dogs like to pee, or mark, the tallest plant or pile of leaves & sticks, so all of the other dogs will come & do the same, after smelling it. Maybe this would help draw them away from your rosebushes. Also, if I remember correctly, sprinkling lime (the gardening kind, not the citrus kind) will help de-acidify, or de alkanize where the dogs pee, sometimes saving the plants. Double check, I am such a ditz, I may have said the wrong thing. Apparently, too much dog pee adds too much nitrogen, burning the plants, just like too much fertilizer does, so watering (if the soil drains well) sometimes helps lessen the effect. Best of luck!

  3. Haha! Spider sex. We always clean up our dogs poop, but we do let them pee in other people's yards. Not super far off from the sidewalk or anything, but now that I am informed I will do my best to avoid plants and the like. Honestly they really only go for fire hydrants, electric poles, other street markers, and often on the grass right by the road where other dogs have peed, not the lawn by their house. This is when we do walks, on leashes. No leash-less mayhem, and the like. Our backyard is really big, so most of their business is done there anyways.

    Any who, I will say when my mother in-law walks her dog, she lets him walk around in flower beds and the like, which irks me so much. I will make sure they do not pee on rose bushes though, I did not know that kills them!