Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pecks and Cheekbones

So firstly, 99 page views after only 2 posts. That be whack, people. Not that I'm complaining. That's sort of what I get for sharing on facebook. And the internets in general. I'm actually a little flattered.

This whole thing is pretty stream of consciousness for me, so don't be surprised by abrupt changes of topic. Oh look, here comes one now!

*Not nearly enough of this on the actual show. 
I started watching Arrow this week. After probably 6 months of prodding by my husband. He kept telling me I would love it, but it wasn't until the last month that he started name dropping actors. You know, like River Song, and Captain Jack Harkness. (Yes, I know that those are the characters they play on Doctor Who, but I'm fairly sure that it's who they actually are in real life, and that their real names are actually the characters they put on). I must be clear, I am in LOVE with River Song. Biggest girl crush I have. Right before Angelina Jolie. Anyway, I started watching it Wednesday and am halfway through the season. Now, if you're hardcore nerdy netflix marathoner, you are probably saying: "Pfft. You've only managed 9 episodes. I can do that in a day." Well, maybe you could, crazy person. But you don't have 3 kids. Probably. If you do and are watching that much TV, I have to question if you still actually have those three kids. Go count them and make sure you haven't lost anyone. And then come back here and tell me your secrets. And then I can catch up and we can fangirl together. Because I am loving this show so far. And I'm a little mad that I didn't listen earlier and start watching it a while ago. So if you need a new show to watch because all of your normally scheduled stuff is on summer hiatus, go have a look at Arrow. Or Doctor Who. Or Sherlock. Because man, can I just tell you, cheekbones.

Oh, and apparently it's not a Robin Hood retelling. Which is what I thought the last year. Hence why I was less than interested in watching it. Turns out it's a show about DC comic's Green Arrow. Who knew?

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  1. I liked it for about the first season or so, but then it got too CW for me, if that makes sense. He is so fine, and a work of art though. Mmmmm.